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History The Aboriginal Health Services.

  • Aboriginal Department was established in 1954 in Kuala Lipis , Pahang.
  • The role of the Department is to assist the security forces in the fight against the threat of communist terrorists and is responsible for protecting the identity and culture of Aboriginal.
  • At that time, most of the locations Aboriginal settlements located in forest areas and mountains that are exposed to the influence of the communists .
  • Health services and treatment for Aboriginal communities began in 1957 with the establishment of the " Medical Centre" in Kuala Lipis , Pahang.
  • Medical center is founded and operated by Dr. JM Bolton , assisted by several staff members of the rank Aboriginal " feild Staff" and " feild asistant " which was given a course in Basic Medical .
  • At the end of 1960, " Medical Center " Aboriginal moved to Km . 24 , Gombak for reasons of logistics to refer serious cases to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
  • Aboriginal Medical Center is named in Gombak Orang Asli Hospital Medical Centre in turn serves as a basic medical training center to train Aboriginal youth.
  • Advanced training was conducted at Hospital Kuala Lipis before their credentials as " Nurse Assistant " . They are then placed in the hospital Orang Asli Gombak.
  • Aboriginal Hospital consists of 13 wards and over 166 beds. and consists of 5 General Ward , Maternity Ward 3 , a Children's Ward and Ward 4 TB / Leprosy .
  • The hospital is providing services to all Aboriginal patients from all over Peninsular Malaysia by adopting the practice of " Family Admission " .
  • In 1987 , the Department has built a 4 storey building Gombak Hospital to replace the old dilapidated building for Aboriginal patient comfort .
  • In the 8th Malaysia Plan , JHEOA has built a Transit Center at Gombak Hospital , which began operation in 2005 .